To think this poor man is still not found such ashame here is a quote from there page 😢


This is Brian McGowan. 42 he should be happily living a quiet life in Plean. Unfotunately he has been missing since 21st september 2017. He was last seen in Plean Stirling wearing a black jacket, grey joggies with black stripes, grey y3 trainers and a black baseball cap. He has letters tattooed on his fingers. Brian has a devoted dad and mum, loving sister, brothers, wonderful son and beautiful grandkids, neices nephews cousins aunties and unclesand not to mention friends past and present who all miss him tremendously. hours and.miles in all weathers have been search, doors have been knocked, cctv has been checked, posters have been distributed, Friend have come from miles to help find any sign of where brian may have gone. We will never stop until brian is home safe

If anybody has any information I have attached the link for the Facebook page 

Facebook page Brian




Starting 2018 (Unemployed) again !!

Bringing a little festive cheer 

One thing I find that I find about my life is the reoccurrence of the trap I’m in, in and out of employment, and it happens more than once a year is my case, I’m not a uneducated person and I’ve got qualifications and been to college I have a digree in business and I have plenty of years of working under my belt… however any job I have had has been always fitted round the employer and not my life, childcare is always A BIG problem, I am a single parent and don’t have the luxury of somebody helping me out in that department, so working a job that is made up weekly rotas and backshifts have never been any good, where have all the 9-5 jobs gone !! Infact where is all the jobs they say that let’s get the young into work… but what about the age gap for the 25+ me being 30 it’s harder more than ever to find a job and to have a job that’s not going to be taken over by School kids because they are cheaper.

When I gave up a job to go to B&M I thought yes finally !! Hours to fit around my kid and time to progress, progress up the ladder, but instead when they made me redundant and then brought in new start school kids it makes you sick !!

I always wanted my own clothing boutique after all my main backgroud is retail clothing, and I have always wanted to be my own boss, being your own boss working for yourself and nobody dictating your shifts and there ways of customer service and what they expect, I don’t have a problem with authority I have a problem when I see is not correct and I choose to question that, that’s how I know I want to be my own boss.

Ive tried to look into having your own business and I know a fair deal about it, it’s the sort of thing you need money- and when you can’t even keep a job to earn money it’s a loose loose situation, so I will remin on the boatderline of poverty and forever in the cycle of in and out of employment, slave to the machine 👈🏼


Goal for 2018 – try and become a my own boss 💯





(MORE THAN A BARGAIN- more like more than you bargained for)



By far one of the worst companies I have ever worked for, using the long term unemployed and the vulnerable to get a new build store up and running then without any prior notice decide to make you redundant on or around the 24th of December.

Back when they had advertised for the position they had advertised for permanent staff, and the interview I undertook in the falkirk store was for a permanent staff position, also on the 2 days induction the question was brought up in regards to the Christmas Temporary Staff, the man who took the induction over 2 days from Liverpool said that “ we are not Christmas temp staff “

And that was at least 40 bodies who all heard this, they had got us to study from the Christmas temp handboook and on question he stated that it was (misprinted)

when it came to the actual set up of the store there was a handful of merchandisers the main head (sue) you would have thought it was a female version of HITLER and would speak to you like dirt and would pull you up in front of everybody if you did not do something her way, there’s her way and another merchandisers way… so you always had the wrong information and the wrong way of doing a job, they would let you finish of a task and watch you do it wrong and then take it all down (I think it was to humiliate and piss take) as for the older workers who had medical conditions or a bit slower they could not rest, for hours they had us walk back and forward from the warehouse with boxes like something out a concentration camp, you could not speak also, she would munipulate us all by saying if we get the job done quick we would get to go home early (they even kept staff on possibly 2 hour or so after the time that should have been hometime) and no EXTRA PAY

Sue was actually the one who brung to attention that WEE ARE ALL CHRISTMAS TEMP STAFF, on asking our store manager KEVIN TROY he told us that it’s crap and don’t listen to her… so after the blood and sweat and tears from some had went into setting up the store on the backs of the slaves, it was opening day they had all the staff in from 8.00am even if your shift did not start from later that day, also a local charity had got a donation (none of us except the old stenny shop lot knew about this charity) and they had a cheek to have raised the cash for a kids charity when they have put families with kids out of work, I’m sure if the charity knew the truth they would never have asked them for charity donations at the time I guess the situation had not occurred.

On pay day everybody had been emergency taxed even those who had previously been in work and done the correct paperwork, they never paid some staff for doing the night shift also, Plus some staff never got pay slips until the day before pay or on that day, so if anything was incorrect with the wages you had no chance of it getting corrected before day of pay!!

Then word started getting about that we are Christmas temp staff from different colleagues who have asked Kevin and other members of the shops upper staff aka management so when it got collaborated from the horses mouth we are all Christmas temp staff, I was fuming, somebody is been talking crap somewhere down the line I don’t know if it’s B&M in general but it’s not the first a store in Wales had the same thing happen to them, what annoys me in all this is that people have left jobs, came of long term unemployment and have slaved setting up a store that the old stenny lot can park there arse in and not lift a finger, they are never in that new store and some have been on the sick for months and are holding permanent contracts… however we will not go there !!

When KEVIN TROY (manager) took me in the office and gave me the biggest load of bullshit av ever heard about how he could not keep me on a was gobsmacked (you literally felt like punching him square in his face) for talking pure crap !!!! As for another member of staff from the falkirk store talking to you like a clown, the place is a joke !! The company’s brand represents slave labour, under valued over worked staff, cheap bargain basement crap.

On the plus if you keep your mouth shut and head down you might get a chance to feel privileged enough to go back and work for them in January 😁😁  I would not embarrass myself I’m afraid, I never even finished my shifts because I’ve got dignity, the store had potential to be a great shop for the community but it’s a great disappointment, families back in poverty and ones self-esteem battered,



Help share this story by reposting on Facebook or any other social media, help the exploited, we want justice and somebody held accountable, why should we suffer at the hands of a company that is very much expanding due to cheap workers and 12 hour contracts and building stores of the backs of the vulnerable victims… wishing to better themselves… and the now unemployed workers of what was a sham from start to finish, boycott the trash


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